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Deadly Attack Causes State of Emergency in Egypt


A three-month state of emergency has been announced by the President of Egypt, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi after a brutal attack on two Coptic churches in Tanta and Alexandria on Sunday in which at least 44 people died. In the emergency, authorities will be allowed to arrest anyone without a warrant and will also be able to search people’s homes without having search warrant. Anyhow, the decision is yet to be approved by the parliament of Egypt but majority of the parliament has already supported the decision.

The banned group ISIS that claimed the responsibility of the attack warned for more attacks. Considering this threat, the President held a long meeting with the national defense council and decided to announce emergency across the country declaring the war with the jihadists “long and painful”.

It was a holy and big day for Christianity who were celebrating the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem when everything got scattered by the two attacks.  The first attack was on St George’s Coptic Church in which around 27 people died and the second was on St Marck’s Coptic Church in Alexandria in which at least 17 people were killed.

Egypt has been trying to control the jihadists but the suicide bombing and aid from outsiders have been more influential in the country. Reuters News Agency quoted a statement of the jihadist group in which they said,

“Crusaders and their apostate allies should know the bill between us and them is very big and they will pay it with rivers of blood from their children, god willing. Wait for us, for we will wait for you,”

The attack was held before some week ago of the visit of Pope Francis who is intending to visit the country to show his support for the 10% Christian population of Egypt. With the claim of ISIS of the attack on Palm Sunday, Christian community is now feeling more insecure now in the country.

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