Knock Knock Knock! iPhone X is in the town


    This time Apple made a great entry in the market with new great models. But they didn’t just come up with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus but another amazing invention, iPhone X. iPhone X jumped in the market with brand-new features and a price which is non-digestible for the masses.

    iPhone X Launch:

    The tech mammoth company launched their unique phone on 12th September 2017. Tim Cook, Apple Chief, declared the iPhone X “the biggest leap forward since the first iPhone”. People couldn’t understand whether he was referring to its features or its price.


    Like all previous iPhone models, this new-fangled phone also promises to bring things at a whole new level. The new sleek model appears to have some impressive and innovative bells and whistles. The screen device, wireless charging, a new facial recognition software play the role of phone’s security guard in lieu of password. Its ‘turn user into emoji’ feature is a top and distancing feature of iPhone X. iPhone X comprises a large, high-resolution, rounded, edge-to-edge super retina display that provides an immersive, content-rich experience like never before. The sleek phone is available in space grey and silver colors.


    Ultra-premium smartphone iPhone X has a whooping price tag of ‘$1000’ in the United States. But if you are not a resident of US then price could be little harshening for you, because this ultra-premium phone could extend up to 1,149.00 US Dollars around the globe.

    Internet Reaction:

    Internet welcomed the new unique phone with spate of memes. X is one of the best phone and jumped on the top of phone’s ranking but not on the top of user’s choice. Some users have concerns with its new facial recognition features and some of them are not seemingly glad with its price touching sky high. Some users are sad for the non-appearance of home button in new glossy Apple device.

    All the IPhone X jokes are pure gold, here are some reactions recorded on Twitter:

    “I’m not sure how the iPhone X face recognition will distinguish between me with make-up and without make-up. Because the difference is real”. @kandeejohnson

    “iPhone X has facial recognition. It’ll look at your face and tell you that you can’t afford it”. @ AbhimanyuSingh

    “1969: put a man on the moon 2017: put your face on a poop emoji”. @ditzkoff

    “Face ID seems like an over-engineered fix that they were forced to include because they couldn’t integrate a fingerprint scanner into the screen”. @Nick Farina