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PM Nawaz announces that he will not resign


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced that he will not resign as the prime minister on anyone’s call.

He made the announcement during the emergency meeting of his cabinet in Islamabad. His cabinet backed his decision of not to resign, and suggested that he fight the legal battle to justify himself in the Panama Papers case.

He said, “The people of Pakistan elected me and only they can remove me from this post.”

When PM and his family was exposed in the Panama Leaks in 2016, PM Nawaz himself made a promise that he will resign if proved guilty. It seems that Mr. Prime Minister is a promise breaker.

Instead, he is saying that his family has earned nothing after entering politics, but lost a lot.

Prime Minister’s daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif took the resignation matter to Twitter and said, “Insh’Allah he won’t resign. Should Nawaz Sharif resign because not a single allegation of misuse of public money has been proven against him?”

It is pertinent to mention here that JIT, in its report, termed Prime Minister as non-committal about the two letters furnished before the Supreme Court by the former Qatari prime minister. The committee had also termed retired Captain Muhammad Safdar, PM’s son-in-law, as untruthful, deceitful and dishonest on many accounts.