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Some Best Software Houses in Lahore


A software house is an organization that works on software development. With the advent of latest technology and internet, the new tech-savvy generation of Pakistan is quite rapidly moving towards developing innovative software.

Lahore is always known as home to some of the most innovative software houses in Pakistan. Many big software houses are providing quite handsome information technology jobs in Lahore. Some of the top software houses in Lahore are listed below:

1. Techlogix
This company was founded by 3 MIT graduates in 1996 and now it is one of the leading names in the Pakistan software industry. It has many support offices and branches in Dubai, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Boston along with a software development centre in Beijing.

2. Netsol Technologies
This company was started back in 1995. It was a small setup and is now among the top software houses in terms of infrastructure. The company was established by Salim Ghauri with the vision of developing a globally recognized corporation. Now, Netsol is the only Pakistani company to get listed on the NASDAQ and the world’s second largest global and electronic marketplace.

3. Mindstorm Studios
This gaming studio was founded in 2006 by two brothers Babar Ahmad and Faraz Ahmad. This gaming studio focuses on creating and publishing first party titles. They have made number of games for Android, iPhone and windows that have hit top ratings.

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