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His Name is Khan and He is not a Racist


Before I go further in this article, I must explain firstly that I am not supporting the statement of Imran Khan about the international players who came Pakistan to play the final of PSL2017 held in Lahore. I also condemn on the usage of words like “Phateechar”, “Relu Katay” and others for the guests of Pakistan.

What I’m concerned here with is the recent criticism on Khan that he is a racist and he passed racist comments on the black players and Africans. This all was started when a journalist, Iffat Hasan Rizvi leaked a video of Imran Khan in which he is mentioning the foreign players “Phateechar”, “Relu Katay” and with some other words. The video got viral on social media and Khan came into in the eye of storm over the controversial statement.  Politicians, cricketers, actors, and journalists all shared and tweet their opinions about the statement and some of them called him a “Racist”.


Is Khan actually a racist? This has been a burning question in the country for 3 to 4 days. Firstly Imran Khan himself strongly denied for being called a racist. In an interview to a famous Pakistan journalist Hamid Mir, he said,

“I have always fought against racism. I and Viv Richards always refused to play counties, where there racism existed”.

But this did not satisfy his opponent political parties and government-paid journalists and they made a storm in the cup of tea and presented the issue of the word “Phateechar” bigger than all other national issues including Panama.

Criticizing on Khan, some political personalities and journalists blamed Khan that he only likes “Goraas(English)” as he has a colonized mind and he bows his head in front of his English Lords.

While criticizing, . They also forgot that Khan is the only political personality in Pakistan who is not influenced by America. They forgot that how khan condemned the hypocrisy of America on international platforms on War and Terror with Pakistan.

They even forgot the Khan’s tweet against racism of Trump. In his tweet on 4-Feb-2017 he said,
“Trump’s racist & anti-Muslim policies plus his sanctions on Iran not only counterproductive for USA but a threat to peace esp in our region.”


The criticizers also forgot that Khan was the first one who dared to condemn the recent drone attack in Pakistan under Trump’s presidency.

One of the personalities who strongly criticized on Khan was Najam Sethi. Najam Sethi made the most of the situation and he saved himself over his blunt lie that the English player, Kevin Pietersen hadn’t come because of the statement by Khan. He was caught behind when Pietersen himself said that he had decided to not to come Pakistan even before the starting of PSL2017. Isn’t Sethi a Pathechar?

Later in his TV Show on Geo TV, Sethi also accused on Khan that he is a racist and doesn’t respect Pakistani.  I must mention here an extract of a column by Javeed Chaudry to show that how much Sethi loves and gives respect to Pakistani:

najam sethi

Actually Khan should have called Sethi a “Phateechar”.

Khan has done a lot for this country. He revolutionized cricket in Pakistan, brought first and the only world cup, sacrificed his family for the nation, made the first cancer hospital in Pakistan, and has been struggling for more than 20 years against the looters of the country.

In the end, I again repeat that I’m not supporting Imran Khan’s statement about the foreign players but calling him a racist and non-lover of the country, it is simply I can’t agree with.


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About Author: Muhammad Rehan Ayub, A freelance writer and English teacher. Writes on various topics including politics, literature, society, culture, digital marketing, e-commerce and others. Have done Masters in English Literature and Linguistics.