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Dawn Leaks – Everything You Need to Know


Former minister Pervaiz Rashid speaks against his dismissal

Former Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid speaks out against his dismissal from the federal cabinet in the wake of an inquiry into the publication of a news report about the meeting between military and civilian leaders in Dawn. He was dismissed on October 29 last year but he did not say even a word. Now as two officers Tariq Fatemi and Rao Tehseen have been removed by the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and they both have reacted against their removal in the light of their inquiry report, former minister also speaks out against his dismissal.

While talking to reporters after ceremony in Islamabad, once considered trustworthy companion of PM expressed his disapproval over the order of his removal from cabinet. He said, “It is not the responsibility of the information minister to block the publication of news.”

He further said, “If the duty of an information minister is to stop the publication of stories, then this should be taught to journalism students at the university level.”

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the ruling party treated him for not being able to block the news and said, “If the state desires information minister who can stop news stories, they should teach a course in universities titled “How to Stop News.”

What is Dawn Leaks?

It all started when a news was leaked that was later called “Dawn Leaks”. It was the biggest leak in Pakistan after “Panama Leaks”. The later one was more horrible because it was related to the defamation of the most respected institution in Pakistan, Pakistan Army.

“Act against militants or face international security”

This was the message given by the civilian government to the Pak Army. The meeting was fully confidential but climax started when this news was leaked by a journalist from Dawn, Cyril Almeida.

The Army was shocked to hear about this leak and asked the civilian government to have an investigation about the person who leaked that confidential news. Since then, the relationships between Pak Army and the civilian government have not been quite good.

The investigation was started and later we saw that Pervaiz Rasheed was removed from his post during the inquiry but this removal couldn’t control the pressure of the Dawn Leaks and more investigation was asked by the people of the country and Army both.

Following the case, an advance movement was taken when Tariq Fatimi, special assistant to the prime minister on foreign affair was removed from his post on Saturday, 29th April, 2017. But, a twist came in the story when Pak Army rejected the removal with a tweet on twitter terming it as incomplete.

The tweet went viral all over in Pakistan and increased the tension of civilian government. To deal with the matter, the Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef has now given the task to Shahbaz Shareef and Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan to resolve this conflict between the government and Pak Army.


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