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Go Nawaz Go Slogan Reaches WWE


“Go Nawaz Go” has been one of the top trends in Pakistan since the time of Azadi March by Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf in 2014. The march continued till 126 days and was cancelled due to the barbarous attach on small children in the Army Public School in Peshawar. During the march, the slogan “Go Nawaz Go” was on every mouth whether child, young, or old. This slogan became one of the famous slogans in the history of Pakistani politics.


Since that time, ‘Go Nawaz Go’ chanting has been seen on almost every platform. Whether political gatherings, cricket matches, rallies, or any other type of gathering, people overwhelmingly come out to chant this slogan.

This time also, “Go Nawaz Go” has been seen on an unexpected platform and that is WWE. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the worldly famous wrestling platform. It is utmost wish of every wrestler today to join WWE since this series is seen all over the world. Monday Night Raw is a wrestling event this is run by WWE.

Earlier this week on Monday Night Raw, when everything was usual for Pakistani people, a shocking poster was seen in the audience written on it “Go Nawaz Go”. It happened when the 14-Time World Champion Triple H came at the stage.

Since the text on the poster was not clear, some people specially PMLN claimed that the image was photoshopped by the social media team of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI). While many people believe that the poster was real and “Go Nawaz Go” has become an international slogan.

Whether it was fake or real, one thing is sure that these 3 words will go wherever the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif goes. Whether the final of PSL in Gaddafi Stadium or Monday Night Raw, whether a bus, rickshaw, or bathroom walls, this slogan can be found on all the places and in all the arenas.

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