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Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan- A Charismatic Businessman

Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan

Only a few names in the history of Pakistan are highlighted when it comes to boosting the national development in multiple sectors. One of leading political personalities, Waqar Ahmed Khan has made recognition in national as well as international level by serving the nation in various fields by strengthening the economic sector. He has reshaped the history by just not only indulging in political affairs responsibly but also proved himself as one of the eminent business personalities through his undying commitment and professionalism.

Graduated from Miami University, he specialized in business management organization and comparative economic systems. He made the best usage of his education by interacting with the multinational companies and Development Financial Institutions (DFIs). From water and power to planning, development, communication and even textiles, the senator has been selflessly and actively incorporating his expertise and experience to escalate the economy of Pakistan.

Driving force behind the most dynamic and powerful conglomerate WAKGroup is not other than the charismatic businessman, Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan. Since 1984, the group has diversified its portfolio in top notch brands in LPG, petroleum, steel, real estate, construction, fashion, media, and textile and consumer electronics. The professionalism, integrity and team oriented approach of fascinating businessman have been catering versatile needs of diversified consumers throughout Pakistan.

Relying on the commitment and dedication of well trained and experienced staff, he has been improving the standards of living and growth figures, multiplying incomes and fueling prosperity across Pakistan.  He is the one whose inspirational leadership, compelling vision and articulation are the real driving force behind this successful industry.

A person like senator Waqar Ahmed Khan is not less than asset for Pakistan. With the incredible vision and dynamism, he seems to be unstoppable. A lot more is yet to come to diversify the efforts in order to heighten the impactful growth in economic as well as business sector.