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The Second Battle of Swat


The second battle of Swat was started in May 2009 with an operation “Rah-e-Rast”. Just as the first battle, the second one was also commenced with a motive of getting control of the Swat District of Pakistan. The first battle was ended with a peace treaty between the Taliban and Pak Army but it was badly criticized in the West and also the Taliban backed out of their promises. As a result, just after two month, the Army had to start its second battle in Swat with the militants.

Battle of Mingora

Fight in the second battle started from the main city of Swat, Mingora. By, 23 May 2009, Pak Army had taken control on major parts of the city.

“We want to eliminate the entire Taliban leadership”- Major-General Athar

These were the words of Major General Athar Abbas who was the spokesman of the Army Chief that time. He announced that they had taken control on most of the areas of Mingora and they wanted to eliminate all the militants by all means.


By 30 May, it was officially announced by the Army that around 12,000 Taliban were killed during the fight in Mingora and other areas and 90 soldiers of the Army had embraced martyrdom. During the fight, the Army gained full control on Mingora city and the fight had moved to outskirts of the city.

Expansion of Operation

After Mingora, the operation expanded to Qamabr Bazar, Malam Jabba, Aman Kot, Peochar, and Shangla. The breakthrough came when the founder of Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi, Sufi Muhammad was arrested in June 4, 2009. He was arrested in Amandarra with some other militants. But, this news was also not confirmed and after some days, the news came that Sufi Muhammad was not captured rather he was hiding somewhere. However, two of his aides, Ameer Izzat Khan and Muhammad Maulana Alam were killed by the troops on June 7, 2009.

Helicopter Gunships were sent to provide air support to the Army after a deadly bomb explosion on June 12 that took lives of 38 civilians at a mosque. The gunships were sent to two villages, Ghazi Gai and Shatkas where there was intense fighting going on. On the same day, it was announced by the Army that it had taken control on Chuprial.

Bu July 15, the Army had taken control on most of the areas of the district of Swat and the refugees had started coming back to their homes.

Success of Pak Army


Pak Army captured 5 senior members of TNSM including Muslim Khan on September 11, 2009. Maulana Fazlullah got wounded in two air strikes but managed to escape. UN reported that 1.6 million of 2.2 million refugees had returned to their home by August of that year and the life started to become normal in the district.